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Attractive people employed by corporate assholes to make you feel like a fat and ugly slob that eats too many twinkies. They usually wear revealing clothing and stare into your soul for maximum effectiveness.
Look at those models, wow!

Yeah they make regular people look fat and ugly

Frikin assholes!
by ThatSneakyGuy December 15, 2010
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An animal usually preferred by adolescent zombies (usually found in local fairs). Toytuls can be found in the wild 14 months a year.
I am here with an awesome zombie today, how are you little zombie?

I like toytuls!
by ThatSneakyGuy December 13, 2010
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A synonym for american nationalism. An act of treating the United States like a god that controls all other countries and neglecting any arguments or discussions that do not involve and/or insult the US.
Man, Johnny is a real nationalist. He gets a state boner every time he hears the anthem.
by ThatSneakyGuy December 24, 2010
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