An exclamatory phrase used for emphasis of a point!
This frikin doughnut is frikin awesome!!
by Super_Chick November 6, 2010
"frikin" is an expression used just like freaking or fucking.
"I am frikin pissed."
"I frikin want that necklace."
by Rachel Choi August 26, 2008
an abbreviation for freaking wicked. Its the hip way to say it! if you want to sound cool, you say frikin wick.
casey: hey those new sun glasses are frikin WICK!

Aiden: thanks, casey!
by MLCer June 13, 2009
you frikin frik; epik minecraft gamers use this when they are in a christian minecraft server but they also are very MAD and do not want to say potty words
by | |I || |_ April 22, 2018
1.An insulting name for someone you really dont like
2.Insulting someone who works in a scone booth with you.
Shut up, you're being a Frikin Frik Face!
by Suruh September 8, 2006
Known as one of the greatest bro's of all time. She has inspired many other bro's with her moving speeches. True bro's are honored to party or even be near M-Watts. Her sexual humor always get highfives and fist bumps from everyone. If you mess with her she'll kick you in the dick. All other bro's try to be like her but they can't, because Meredith Frikin Watts is the BRO KING!
Meredith Frikin Watts (BRO KING) is such a fucking bro!
by Bromosapian August 19, 2010
Known as many names: Brobi Wan Kenobi, Bro King, Ultra Bro, or sometimes just "hero." M-watts has been called the Rosa Parks of our generation. Undoubtedly the biggest, baddest, and all around best bro ever to set foot on this land. Even the top bros of the state "Broklahoma" admire her and try to mimic her bro like activity, failing miserably of course. Don't hate on this girl, because as mentioned in the post above, she will not hesitate to kick you in the dick. Gracing the universe with her presence since 1992, Meredith Frikin Watts is the BRO KING!
If you: a. don't know Meredith Frikin Watts (Bro King) or b. think or have ever thought that she is not the bro king, you should probably be stabbed.
by Christiano Bronaldo September 27, 2010