When a female acts real stuck up or like she doesn't even see you. Basically, when U walk around thinkin your the shit.

Its a WesTside word......
Tasha: Hey, i saw u at the beach the other day. Why u was actin fake?

TErrance: I wasn't actin fake, yaw was too busy modeling.
by infamous_JazMonii_ January 13, 2010
a human that leans over the toilet and puts their finger down their throat in order to walk on a runway.
Example 1:

Model: Oh no! Is that a crack in the wood? *falls through*

Example 2:

Model: *looks in mirror* "Where did I go?!?!?!"
by kayshreedah December 24, 2008
a sexy guy of Stedman, NC and he is just drop dead sexy
Oh dang lets bang Josh Harris he looks like a sexy model.
by Bonquisha Smith September 22, 2007
Two Versions of this early car were produced the first was in 1903-1904 with a horizontally-opposed 2-cylinder engine producing around 8HP with a top speed of about 40Mph, it had a base price of $750 or $18,300 today.
The second version the A Model was produced from 1927-1931 with a Flathead four cylinder producing 40HP and a top speed of nearly 65Mph. (Thats super fast in one of those things 35 mph is scary trust me) it had a base price of about $500. the later versions came from the factory with an oil leak. This was to keep the rear main seal lubricated, (so don't get wired when you see one leaking). most of these late Model As were in a since niger-rigged for use as a saw mill or what ever a workin' man of the Great Depression needed.
Ford Model A, Model A Wood-Saw, or Look At That!!!
by Shadetree#2 July 14, 2011
A moderately attractive female who whores herself on Instagram for free, rather than professionally like a super model. Their profile will consist almost entirely of selfies and the occasional "seemingly" candid shot.
"For real tho she looks way better on IG"
"well yeah, all instafake models do."
by camelbakChute February 28, 2017
A large table that is home to scale model trains as part of the hobby of model railroading. Commonly known as a layout. Model Railroads can vary in realism from fictional (freelanced) to prototypical, and size from a simple 4x8 plywood sheet to a "basement empire". Often confused for simply running toy trains in a circle, or oval. (which it can include)
Bob: Hey Dave, you got any hobbies?
Dave: I have a model railroad.
Bob: So, you run toy trains? Dude, your 35!
Dave: *facepalm*
by EnragedHavoc August 19, 2011
Girls on instagram who photoshop ALL of their pictures, wear pounds of makeup and have 250k followers. They claim they're models.
Friend 1: You're a model!? Who's your agency?
Friend 2: Instagram
Friend 1: oh... So you're an instagram model, not a real one
by KGenevieve October 26, 2013