Mithra is a intelligent, beautiful, and badass Indian goddess who is perfect and too good at everything, but people can't hate her for it because she's also very humble. When/if some sort of higher being created Mithra, they tossed out the rule of "everything in moderation" and decided to go all in. Mithra is on Tinder ;)
mithra adj. - the state of being unproblematic, chill, and zen. e.g. I feel so mithra, breathing in my cool alternative music, eating my Costco bean burger patties, and reading my 6th popular psych book of the week.
by mithrafan9000 June 26, 2020
This is an amazing name that many awesome people have. If you are a Mithra, you are probably the most amazing, hot, and beautiful girl in whole universe. If you see a Mithra, GO TALK TO HER!!
1. Wow that person looks amazing, they must be a Mithra
2. I wish I could be a Mithra
by Morris Ginakjsfh April 21, 2021
The catlike race that lives alongside the Tarutaru in the Federation of Windurst. Very agile and dexterous. They make excellent Thieves and anything else that involves a lot of hits and accuracy. They are very all-round, much like Humes, but they have higher Dexterity and Agility, with slightly lower overall stats, especially Charisma. They also play any job well.

Most Mithra are guys, as it is an all-female race. Not only that, but their stats are great, and they look sexy too. They are slightly shorter than Humans, with long tails and ears. Often roleplayed as pranksters or lovers (hopefully just the ladies).
"Damn, that Mithra never misses a hit. How does she do it?"
"Does it matter? We deal more damage per hit anyway."
by Stammer6 June 8, 2006
30 Seconds to Mars' phoenix logo is called Mithra. The logo also bears the four glypichs and the bands motto; "Provehito in Altum"
The logo was first seen on their first self-titled album.
Mithra is a phoenix
by iamnemo February 21, 2011
Sexiest cat person every created in history of cat people. More sexy and asian then Lucy Lui. Make kickass ninjas, see
Last night I got some new protection so I equipped it on my mithra. I was up all night.
by Geno Red December 12, 2003
The catlike race of vanadiel having the highest agility and dexterity of the races. They make excellent Theives. They are often seen actually being men.
Hey there pretty lady! whats that you got ther.. OH MY GOD!
by Kigami August 25, 2004
Mithras: Okay, get this - I'm the son of a god, I was born to a virgin, I taught people important things and performed miracles, and then I was executed, but came back to life!

Jesus: Hey, sounds cool. I think I'll steal that.

Mithras: Dammit, I knew I should've gotten it copyrighted!
by MISTER OWNINATOR April 26, 2007