This Race came about when a horny man came across a cat and performed beastiality out of pure boredom or pleasure.

the offspring of this disgusting act was infact a mithra...
Mithra 1: "My mum can never find her litter box"
Mithra 2: "...My dad is the cat"
Mithra 1: " 0_o you poor thing..."
by XxLettyxX August 17, 2006
Also called Mithraism is a religion that is a revival of the ancient Roman worship of the god Mithras.
He started out as a Persian god. And embodies the divine power of light. The religion is under the influence of Astrology, especially Hellenistic Astrology.
He is a solar deity who presides over the stars,planets, and other astronomical features of the celestial zodiac.
He was born from a rock on December 25. And his birthplace was visited by shepherds.
Mithras then goes forth to slay a bull from whom blood and semen new life emerges.
He is associated with the invisible forces of the universe.
Rituals in the religion are baptism,and communal meals.
Mithric initiates are sprinkled and purified with blood flowing from a sacrificed bull.
There are seven grades or levels in the religion. Corax,Nymphus,Miles,Leo,Perses,Heliodromus,and Pater.
He's into Mithras worship.
by Judge dredd7 August 19, 2011