cat person n. /kat pərs(ə)n/

1. Someone who prefers cats to other pets

2. One who has taken cat ownership to excess

3. An unwanted but consensual sex partner, often an acquaintance

4. Someone unaware of the difference between porn sex and real sex

Definitions 1 and 2: early 20th century from cat + person compound.
Definitions 3 and 4: early 21st century from the short story “Cat Person” by Kristen Roupenian, published in The New Yorker (December 11, 2017)
1. Oh Robert wouldn't have a dog, he's a cat person.

2. From the smell of his bedroom Margot could tell that Robert was a cat person.

3. After all their flirty text messages, Margot was disappointed to discover that without his shirt Robert was just another pot-bellied cat person.

4. Robert outed himself as a cat person with his fiendish doggie style.
by DancingFedora February 25, 2018
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-cats eat better than they do -calls cats their children -refuses to move if a cat is sleeping even remotely close to them -lowkey despises dog people -feeds stray cats even though they know they shouldn't
dog person: cats are literally the spawn of satan what is wrong with you?
cat person: go away you cum guzzling twat.
by ostrich omelet January 19, 2020
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someone who is half cat half human.
"i have two dogs." "oh well im sorry but i dont like dogs.... Im a cat person."
by Steve McC December 13, 2007
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A cat person is essentially a person that is generally more inclined to own cats as pets rather than any other animals, especially dogs.
"Are you a dog person?"
"No, I'm a cat person! I have 12 cats at home and I'm on my way to get another."
by iamanactivist September 12, 2022
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someone (generally a woman) over 30, not married, living with multiple cats, they love cats, they believe their part cat, they swear their spiritual animal is a cat, they smoke cat nip and eat cat ass
friend: so I've been seeing this person Ash
Me: bro I've heard their a cat person

Friend: is that a bad thing?
Me: i guess not unless you like the sound of a cat while ur fucking, or the constant puring, or the non understanding of there's only two genders and the fact a animal is not part of either gender
by country bear January 19, 2019
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1. Someone with a sexual preference towards females.
2. A heterosexual male.
3. A lesbian.
I always though he was gay, but it turns out he's actually a cat person.
by Curtis Meyer March 25, 2008
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- A person whom cares more about their cats than themselves, others and or the Game Of Thrones series.

- A Person whom lives mostly alone, sewing cat outfits and may eat catfood themselves to get to know the cat-habitant even better.
Crazy Cat Person (ccp)

Hehe: Yo mama is a ccp! = your mother is crazy cat person.

#Sex Jokes: Dat booty... to bad she smells like a ccp! = Dat hoe smells like a cat's litter box / cat toilet.

Offencive?: Crazy cat woman? Thats offencive, rather say "crazy cat person!" = Dont call a person crazy cat male/female, say Person so in chase she is a Extreme feminist.
by The Poop Lord March 16, 2015
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