The cat people are the weird group of kids at school that have no friends but each other. They believe in unicorns and all that magical crap. They look like they're wearing pajamas every day to school. If they're an extreme cat person, she will have on cat ears. MAJOR WEIRDOS!!!
1: Yo, who's that girl that is wearing the pink cat T-Shirt?
2: Don't talk to her, she's one of those weird cat people.
by rawrxd oops! March 8, 2017
A movie about incest set in New Orleans
when they have sex, they turn into black Panthers.
That movie Cat People really hit the nail on the head about incest, eh?
by Non Partisan October 18, 2020
A perpetrator of incest. Fathers having sex with daughters, brothers having sex with brothers and or sisters and vice versa. Etc etc etc
Go away you cat people, I want nothing more to do with you, your not touching me in an untoward manner ever again.
by Non Partisan October 18, 2020
a saying over used by history professors to describe groups of students who did not do the homework since it won't be talked about in class anyway really
And if you don't read the Cherry Orchard, it is the curse of the cat people if I call on you in lecture.
by APeter March 16, 2016