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1.To lose track of

2.Mass distribution of meaningless merchandise.
1.I misplaced my battery.
2.I would like to buy that Misplaced t-shirt, because i listen to them ALL the time.
by Misplaced Skate May 16, 2005
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1.To place something,where nobody can find it.

2.To put something in the wrong position.
1.I have misplaced the remote control,and cannot find it.

2.No,no,no,you've misplaced the sheet.
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by Toa Pohatu February 03, 2017
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a euphemism used to hide the truth and avoid responsibility
Blumenthal didn't repeatedly lie about serving in Vietnam, -it's just a matter of "a few misplaced words."

Paul's belief in not one, that if acted upon, would deny basic civil rights to every American, -it's just that "his philosophy is misplaced in these times."

It's not the destruction of the earth's fragile ecosystem by millions of gallons spewing petrochemicals, -it's just a misplaced natural resource.

"I did not have sex with that woman," -it was just a misplaced penis.
by apluck May 24, 2010
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