Person 1: Did you just misplace the definition and example?
Person 2: No I didn't.
If you misplace something, you position it incorrectly.
by HemophobiaIsNotHomophobia June 23, 2020
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1.To place something,where nobody can find it.

2.To put something in the wrong position.
1.I have misplaced the remote control,and cannot find it.

2.No,no,no,you've misplaced the sheet.
by Toa Pohatu February 3, 2017
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1.To lose track of

2.Mass distribution of meaningless merchandise.
1.I misplaced my battery.
2.I would like to buy that Misplaced t-shirt, because i listen to them ALL the time.
by Misplaced Skate May 17, 2005
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The act of making a misplaced racist remark or slur toward another person thinking they are of a different nationality or race than they actually are.
Joe: "You're pretty good at math Jane, but I guess that comes with the territory of being Asian."

Jane: "I'm Puerto Rican Joe. What you said reeks of misplacism."
by 23rdhour October 15, 2014
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a euphemism used to hide the truth and avoid responsibility
Blumenthal didn't repeatedly lie about serving in Vietnam, -it's just a matter of "a few misplaced words."

Paul's belief in not one, that if acted upon, would deny basic civil rights to every American, -it's just that "his philosophy is misplaced in these times."

It's not the destruction of the earth's fragile ecosystem by millions of gallons spewing petrochemicals, -it's just a misplaced natural resource.

"I did not have sex with that woman," -it was just a misplaced penis.
by apluck May 24, 2010
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When a girl is for the most part unattractive, but has one body part that not only is redeeming, but breathtakingly amazing. For instance, a girl looks amazing from behind with a perfect ass, but turns around, revealing a hideous face or flat chest. Similar to butterface, but not limited to body vs. face. The name refers to the arousing part not belonging, just like a precious jewel that has been placed on the wrong body.

Also not to be confused with fat chick tits.
"I was checking out this chick's ass, but then she turned around and she was nasty. Her ass was a misplaced jewel."
by Shott April 21, 2009
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Seeing someone else's attractive partner or spouse, and thinking you could give them more pleasure then they've already got.
first guy> See that hot redhead dancing with that stiff? She'd be having more fun dancing with me!
second guy> Misplaced Mojo, dude, you know their engaged.
by rubber turtle September 17, 2010
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