Misdirection is sometimes defined “as the intentional deflection of attention for the purpose of disguise” (Sharpe, 1988, p. 47); as such, it would encompass anything that prevents you from noticing the secret method (i.e., the technique used to bring about the observed effect). It has also been suggested that misdirection is not simply about directing attention away from the cause of a magic effect, but toward something interesting, which again prevents the spectator from noticing the method (Wonder, 1994).
Whilst some misdirection principles involve manipulating what people attend to (and thus, what they see), “real misdirection deceives not only the eye of the spectator, but his mind as well” (Leech, 1960, p. 6), More precisely, successful misdirection might manipulate not only people's perceptions, but their memory for what happened, or their reasoning about how the effect was done. A distraction that prevents people from experiencing an effect—whether by manipulating perception, memory, or reasoning—is clearly futile (Lamont and Wiseman, 1999). Misdirection is also ineffective if it allows people to see (or work out) the method, since a key aspect of magic is the witnessing of an event that is apparently impossible. If people become aware of the misdirection, the impossible becomes possible, and the magic disappears (Pareras, 2011).
Because of the judge’s misdirection during proceedings, the jurors were confused about the facts of the case.
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 17, 2019
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Sex move used during a threesome. When two guys are double penetrating a whore, one of the guy pulls out and instead of jizzing on the whore, he jizzes on the other guy (added humor if you jizz on the other guy's face).
While double penetrating a whore, DJ pulled off the target misdirect on Aki for kicks.
by snakebiter October 9, 2009
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Those times when you pull out your cell phone to avoid the embarrassment of looking like a moron. Common situations are walking and realizing you're going the wrong way, staring at someone and having them notice, trying to stop an already awkward moment, trying to act like you're having a conversation with someone when you appear to be a loser, and many others.
When I realized I was walking the wrong direction I pulled out my cell phone and acted like I received a text, then turned around and went the right direction. "Oh shit, I went the wrong way, time to abruptly turn around and walk the other way, I better use some Cell Misdirection to look like less of a tool!"

"Wow dude you sure are looking at your phone a lot, must be getting a ton of texts, I bet you're getting laid tonight!" Nah man, just trying to look important with a little bit of Cell Misdirection.
by Skolden December 15, 2012
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A love or relationship that helps you realise your actual love for another. It is where you have been too distracted with your current partner to be mindful of anybody else, however, once the honeymoon period of the relationship passes, you realise the misdirection.

It works much the same as the misdirection used in a magic trick or a pickpocketing, where you realise that your watch or wallet is gone.
Brad: Man, did Jennifer look stunning tonight and she was flirting with me and everything; wish that she was mine.
Curt: Really? What about Alex, you know, your new girlfriend?
Brad: Ahh yeah...I've obviously been so distracted by her that I never noticed how much I want Jen!
Curt: That is some unfortunate Misdirective Love because now you're stuck with Alex.
by Ryryq March 5, 2010
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The belch that smells like it came out of your ass.
Milo belched and it smelled like it come out of his ass
(chili frito pie (belch)is good)
Misdirectional belch
by blarmilo January 18, 2006
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When you are about to go to town with your girl, but little does she know
your mighty flagpole rises because you are thinking about her sister...
Kyle: Dude, you and Marsha hooked up last night!
Mark: Yeah bro but I had a little erection misdirection,
... Her sister Savannah was singing in the shower

Kyle: Whatever man sounds like she still copped that nut!
Mark: Chuuuurch...
Kyle: ...and Savannah better watch out!
by TerryCowboy November 3, 2018
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When you post a false status on facebook knowing your page if being watched by you significant other and have your friends comment on it to help the cause
I was out tricking off last night but with a little facebook misdirection my girl thought i was at work all night
by Zale1738 February 18, 2010
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