Curt is awesome! The best guy you will ever meet! Always ready to help! Fix anything, repair anything, has tools, will travel. A true giver in every sense of the word. Easy to be around. Makes you feel comfortable from the very first moment. Always the life of the party.... Curt is someone you want to have around all the time! Curt is a real cutie!
Curt is awesome
by CasaBinOC March 20, 2010
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A bloke/lass that you can't count on.
Friend 1: Has anyone seen Selvarajah lately? She said she'd be here 4 hours ago!
Friend 2: Stuck in traffic, I'm afraid.
Friend 1: What a Curt. I should've known not to trust her when she said she'd be on time.
by Qin Lin 1 October 21, 2015
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Curting is the act of cumming and farting simultaneously. Can be used as Curt/Curted/Curting also can be spelled Kurt/Kurted/Kurting.
Dude, I totally Curted last night when she was blowing me.
by Kurt's best friend November 17, 2010
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A curt is a unit of measurement equal to 135 pounds. This is a small unit in the weightlifting community. This is the equivalent to a barbell and a 45 on either side. Typically a very very light warm up for most lifters. Can be used to describe bigger weights such as two or three curts.
Look at that little bitch barely benching a curt.

Holy shit did you see that guy over there I think hes benching three curts. Thats fucking huge!
by cold carlos April 5, 2010
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Curt is a an extremely tiny human being with "Little Man Syndrome". He wishes his parents had named him Sydnee instead but alas...twas not meant to be. When he's not in school he is working full time at Santa's Workshop and loves to ride his miniature tricycle all around town like a fun sized hipster. He has been known to wear high heels (when he can find them in his teeny tiny size) to make himself appear taller and LOVES shopping in the toddler section at "Justice". He can usually be found chillin' at the end of a rainbow with his other leprechaun buddies wishing upon a star that he were a real boy.
"Curt is tinier than Keith's shorts!"

"Curt is not as cool as Sydnee...nor will he ever be as tall..."
by Taller Than Curt. November 19, 2012
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a jew bastard that usually tends to sell drugs but is from a rich neighborhood. a genuinely nice guy, but still a jew bastard.
that guy just jew'd you. he must be a Curt.
by flareon December 16, 2010
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To put something on god. The same as On fonem grave.
Curt I fucked that bitch last night, nigga!
by slayer28829393 March 1, 2021
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