Slang for "odd", "obscure", "different".
Mainly used by indie/alternative people.
Can be used instead of "random"
Prep: OMG!! You're sooooo random! LoooooL
Indie: No.. Not random.. Sharpe..
by xMidnightShowx March 31, 2007
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A fictional character in the series of the same name written by Bernard Cornwell.
Sharpe: If anyone gets in the way of me and that filth, I'll kill him!
by Treadstone June 25, 2014
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A Cheep/Cheepskate in the form of a family. A hoarding, fat, disgusting, wear-the-same-shirt family
Ew! Ur such a sharpe
by Dodo February 26, 2017
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sharp - Often doubled up for effect as sharp-sharp!, this word is used as a greeting, a farewell, for agreement or just to express enthusiasm.
The R isn´t prounced fully, it´s more of a shap shap
by RATHAUS 4 LIFE BITCHES September 24, 2008
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Quickly, immediately, promptly. Similar to ASAP (as soon as possible), but sharper and snappier.
"What are you guys sitting around for? Get the car A-sharp and let's roll out. I got a package to grab in two minutes "
by BioHazardX October 19, 2012
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Medical needles; syringes
Always dispose of used sharps in a proper hazard container.
by talk2me-JCH February 21, 2021
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when you, or an object looks very nice and attractive.
After I put on my suit, I thought to myself, "I look so fucking sharp, I could cut someone"
by pimp daddy dollars February 09, 2005
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