A man above the age of 50 that either has a grandson or rides a horse (or both) and says wise things.
Gee Carl, that wiseman sure has a nice horse!
by Liammi February 4, 2017
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To take life as it comes, to view things in a practical light. Also to mercilessly diss things which deserve it.
If you carry on Wisemaning, Mr Black will kill you


Oh, bit of a Wiseman there.
by ed. November 9, 2004
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(noun) - A person who posts derogatory entries on UrbanDictionary.com, typically based on someone's name. A "Wiseman" is typically very passive-aggressive and is unable to discuss his or her feelings and issues with those whom have upset them, instead resorting to the aforementioned act of posting derogatory remarks.
Did you hear that Joe posted a nasty entry about Frank on UrbanDictionary.com because Frank pissed him off today? Man, Joe is such a Wiseman, he just needs to grow up.
by bronzeback February 4, 2010
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Wisemaning is when you sit on an object and wait. Common wisemaning spots are park benches and tree stumps. When you are wisemaning you are encouraged to think about life and smart things as you are in a wise looking position.
Guy 1: Dude where have you been I have been wisemaning out her for like 5 mins?

Guy 2: Oh sorry I was pulling the splinters out of my ass from when I was wisemaning earlier.

Guy 1: Oh that’s ok then
by Ass splinters January 17, 2021
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Don't invite keith over he is a foot loving wiseman
by keith gurlach December 8, 2007
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just shut the fuck up,thx
this event was a period long time ago already,can you please stop bitching about this
i'm not a asshole anymore
By OSdatacenter.com
by Wiseman February 27, 2004
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