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A sexual act in which you have sex with a woman via anal, oral, and/or vaginal intercourse. After climax, you then diarrhea on her face and crumble fritos in your hand and sprinkle them on her face so they stick like glitter...You then punch her lights out while shouting violently, "FRITO PIE!"
I gave my first love a frito pie last night. Needless to say, she doesn't love me anymore.
by JabroniJames September 24, 2011
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Chili, most likely WOLF brand, not hormel. Heated and mixed with fritos and cheese. Some people like onions, but that is lame. Basically the base of the food pyramid in Texas.
jason from south carolina: whats frito pie?
jared from texas: ugh....
by thatboysabin November 21, 2005
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An extreme sexual act in which 1 partner eats a bag of frito corn chips then vomits into the anus of their partner and then the 2nd partner lays on their stomach to receive a severe anal pounding using the vomit as lube. After ejaculating into the anus the 2nd partner then pushes it out while still lying on their stomach. The end result should then have the desired appearance.... note one may also choose to eat this wonderful meal as well
Damn that frito pie really chaffed my dick
by king fugu fish November 18, 2008
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