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A sex move where the man rubs peroxide instead of lube on the condom and penetrates his partner's anal in attempt to clean and purify the impurities of the anal.
Kyle cleaned his girl's ass by performing the Mr. Clean on her.
by SnakeBiter October 05, 2009
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Sex move derived from a character from Street Fighter 2. When two people are performing a 69, one farts on the other's face and clinches on the partner like the spinning pile driver so he/she can't escape.
Jason pulled of the Smelly Zangief on his partner Robby. It sure sucks to be stuck with the smell of a fart and a cock in your mouth.
by SnakeBiter October 19, 2009
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Sex move used when a man fully inserts his penis in the twat/anal from behind, the person penetrated swings his/her ass violently to the side which results in "snapping" the penis of the penetrator in half.
Henry decided to be gay and booty-bang Josh while he's asleep, but Josh pulled off the snapper and "snapped" Henry's small dick.
by SnakeBiter October 07, 2009
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Sex move used during a threesome. When two guys are double penetrating a whore, one of the guy pulls out and instead of jizzing on the whore, he jizzes on the other guy (added humor if you jizz on the other guy's face).
While double penetrating a whore, DJ pulled off the target misdirect on Aki for kicks.
by snakebiter October 09, 2009
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Sexual act derived from the famous game character Kirby. This is when a person is able to put a man's shaft and both balls in the mouth (licking the balls while performing this is a huge plus). Because of this, the person's face becomes rounded and bigger, resembling Kirby.
I don't know how that bitch over there pulled off the Kirby on big dick DJ.
by snakebiter October 06, 2009
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A theory used by people in relationships. He/She tells him/herself that everybody besides their significant other has AIDS and if they cheat on their significant other, he/she will get AIDS and dies.
Kelvin was tempted to try and bang this bitch at the club, but thought about the Everybody's got AIDS theory, and decided to stay loyal to his girlfriend.
by SnakeBiter October 21, 2009
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This desperate move is used during a threesome (2 guys, 1 girl) when there is only one condom available. When Guy1 is done banging the girl, he gives the used condom to Guy2 so he can bang the girl with protection.
Kyle decided to pull off the dual protection so DJ can get some as well. Besides the fact that the condom was soggy and tight on his big cock, DJ was able to get some.
by snakebiter October 07, 2009
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