When someone or something clicks on the wrong target by accident.
On a game...
A: What're you doin' dude? Do you wanna kill me?
B: My bad, bro! I misclicked! I didn't mean to do that.

On Tinder...
A: Oh, no! I just missed another nice girl.
B: Man, take it easy! Stop misclicking or you'll end up with an ugly one.
by DoozySlayer August 16, 2016
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To accidently click on the wrong Internet link
Oh, damn! I misclicked and now I'm on the wrong page.
by David Salman February 17, 2008
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The most expensive weapon in CS:GO. Clocks in at a whopping $5200, which is over half of the money cap in casual. The only reason to use this over the Negev is because you misclicked.

The Negev has a better magazine size (150 versus 100), better fire rate (1000 rpm versus 750 rpm), and turns into a literal laser beam after the 14th shot fired. Not only that, the Negev costs $1700. You can buy a Negev and a M4 and a flashbang for the cost of a M249.

Just buy the Negev. It costs less and turns into a fucking laser beam after the 14th shot, whereas the M249 is just a piece of shit.
xXx_AwpMain_xXx: "Holy shit. Why the fuck did you buy the M249 "The Misclick"?"
You: "Ah shit. I misclicked. There goes half my money"
by TheRealCannedTuna September 23, 2019
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When you're having sex with a woman and start thrusting with pauses like computer lag and accidentally click(put it in) the other hole.
I was hooking up with this chick the other day and she seemed hesitant about butt stuff, So I gave her the ole laggy misclick!
by ID10TDude June 18, 2020
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The best knifer in FA and probably best player to touch the game. Nobody can compete with him.
Misclick is too good
by Misclick November 5, 2020
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A word to clear yourself of all blame when you RDM in a roleplay game or teamkill in a shooter.
Me: *Shoots teammate 5 times in the body and then teabags on dead body*
Teammate: "WTF bro?"
Me: "Misclick."
by livingm3m3 December 19, 2021
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Otherwise known as the M249 in CS:GO.
Costs $5200 and is in every way less superior to the Negev.

The Negev is a fucking laser beam after the 14th shot, has more ammo, does more damage, and costs $1700.

The only reason to buy the M249 is because you misclicked.
xXx_gitgudm8_xXx: "Why did you buy The Misclick?"
You: "I was trying to buy a Negev, I swear!"
by TheRealCannedTuna September 23, 2019
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