Any sexual act involving da butt
Mark asked me if I wanted to do some butt stuff, so I let him stick his fingers (and his penis) up my butt. It felt really good.
by Kremerica December 4, 2011
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butt stuff means to stuff someone or something up someone or somethings butt
can i butt stuff up yours
by JaffCubed August 20, 2015
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Any type of sexual intercourse past french kissin.
So Brett Yates, what were you doin with that girl...french kissin'? Nah we went straight to doing some serious Butt Stuff.
by X6 Mafia March 5, 2009
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A more SFW meaning for “Anal sex
“Hey Gehab, I heard you like the butt stuff”
“Yeah dude, keeping it SFW
by TJ Buttocks Poe June 17, 2018
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A man has butt sex with a female or gives the booty more attention during sex
So you down to do butt stuff??
She love me doin butt stuff!
Butt stuff is for those kinky ass mofo's(
by 1hottmomma May 14, 2019
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