A 2000$ machinegun that can't hit anything with its first 15 round and will become a super laser beam from round 16
"Let's buy 5 Negev and rush A!" - A normal match in CSGO
by Đấng Toàn Năng Yasuo August 07, 2019
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The Negev is a God like firearm that only the most precise and legendary CS:GO players can wield. It is most likely the best 5,700$ you will spend in your entire pointless existence. Without the Negev... humanity would be nothing. The Negev is the reason why I stopped cutting my self. There is nothing more orgasmic than watching a Negev ace occur infant of your own eyes. Negev is love... Negev is life. If you hate the Negev, you hate not only your self, however you also hate the pinnacle of humanities creations.
The Negev is God. I wish I could imagine of wielding a Negev.
by Negev123 January 28, 2016
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That one hot jewish waifu that requires your foreskin to be removed before committing a life long relationship with.
Commander: Negev, after a long journey... I will proudly promote you to my wife!
Negev Chan: Only if you have your foreskin removed.
Commander: *Cries in foreskin*
by Fighting_Remnant April 21, 2020
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