1.) Attractive women with good fashion sense
2.) Attractive men addicted to sports
3.) Intelligent, humerous, beautiful, sweet, and friendly person
Aww! That boy is such a mintz!

Oh! She is a mintz no doubt!
by Queen Samantha May 14, 2007
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to walk around 1) aimlessly 2) staring at those of the opposite gender
stop mintzing around and get your gemera, son
by shooter March 13, 2005
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To wander around: 1) aimlessly
2) Stare at girls

(ps - must be wearing glasses)
Stop mintzing around and get your gemera, son.
by Shooter March 08, 2005
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<The-Rock> that is my house
<Mintzs> oh the cardboard shit house behind it.
<The-Rock> stfu, i am richer than you
by Mintzs March 29, 2003
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A male with a last name of an asian. mintz aka gayer the gayest gay and small microscopic dick boy.
That nasa telescope cant see jacob mintz's dick
by duncblox69xxx October 26, 2016
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The ol' Eghroots Mintz-Plasse is an incredibly famous duster, the best of the best. No one dusts it off like he does. If you have an Eghroots Mintz-Plasse that needs dusting, call the ol' Eghroots Mintz-Plasse.
Sweet mother of god, my car, it needs dusting. I know! I'll call the ol' Eghroots Mintz-Plasse!
by Eghroots Mintz-Plasse October 25, 2016
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A girl who is a big fangirl of PJ Masks and loves blue color really very much. She roasts everyone XD.
by Frosti Mintz December 07, 2021
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