one of the best places to live, theres nice people and a lot of fun stuff to do idk what this little bitch ass hernando is talking about, its not all fields there are big cities and we're rich bitch! and we dont talk fuckin retarded. his bummy ass couldnt handle minnesota and the winter, he would freez in the negative degrees weather we have, while id be outside playin basketball in shorts and a t-shirt
the city of maple groove, minnesota is getting their own football stadium for their high school
by brk! January 14, 2011
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The entire damn continent of North America all crammed into 86,939 square miles. With our heat, cold and everything in between, you can't beat the state of Minnesota.
We've got the intense 90°F and 100°F heat and humidity of Southern Mexico and the frigid -30°F and -40°F cold of Northen Canada. Oh, and Minnesota has more shoreline than California, Florida and Hawaii combined with approximately 90,000 miles.
by Mini Soda March 23, 2014
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A nice place to live that is cold in the winter, and up to 105 in the summer. We don't cancel school unless the windchill is -60 like last year. We have great schools and take forever to say goodbye. Have lots of different people are are I guess pretty "nice" not much racism here. Oh and we have a lake basically everywhere
I really like living in Minnesota
by Thatminnesotangirl April 05, 2015
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An awesome state with cool people and places (except the fuckin' dumbass conservative hicks). If you visit this state be sure not to venture too far north of the twin cities. This state has the most varied weather. ever.
Guy 1: I'm so glad we didn't go any further north than the twin cities. Minnesota's so cool.

Guy 2: I know. I read on urbandictionary that there's dumb republican hick's up their, and it's probably snowing way harder up north right now than it is here.

Guy 1: Yeah. I can't believe it was like, ninety degrees ten seconds ago. Cool. I mean...weird.
by Billy Billy Billy May 28, 2006
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dreary, boring, insect-infested state populated by people that mangle pronunciation of common words.
Prone to clueless politicians and misguided social programs that induce children to run away from home.
Almost as bad a state as Wisconsin.
I got transferred to Minnesota so I quit my job and started drinking.
Everyone I ran into in St. Paul was a box head.
by adam_before_eve March 18, 2006
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Minnesota has the most meth labs of any state!
(suck on it California!)
by Salty Jonez August 12, 2008
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