21046 County Road 13,
Minneapolis, MN, 58696
United States
by Echoside September 11, 2004
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The abbreviation for Mother Nature. She is known to provide bros like Malibu with cosmic rays.
I like to go out in the woods, soak up some cosmic rays and get in touch with MN.
by vasst July 11, 2011
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Multiple Nigga Syndrome is a mental illness that allows users (of MNS) to create multiple personalities. This can apply online and also in reality. The personalities can vary from Gender, Race, Age, Psychographics and more.

no sexuality, do not be confused with MSS (Multiple Sexuality Syndrome)

People with the syndrome can also create situations in their brain and suddenly change their emotion, they can believe that someone is dead and then create a grieving and mourning emotion as if that person is actually dead. However that person, in reality, is alive and well.

Most users of MNS can harness it’s power into a advantage and use the other personalities as opportunities to help another personality.

For example: if you’re a black female (in reality) but mentally, you might be a white male. You can use your privileges to gain a advantage for your real self.

MNS acts like a trigger illness, where it can “turn on” at any moment and can also have a harder effect. Sometimes your MNS can kick in and it can cause you to have a peak mental phase which allows your MNS to increase in strength for a certain duration.

Multiple Nigga Syndrome is a new discovered illness that slowly becomes updated as scientists learn and experience more of this.
Jamal: bro i fucked her as Nick cuz my MNS kicked in.

Michael: what’s MNS?
Jamal: Multiple Nigga Syndrome 100
Michael: that’s an actual thing?
Jamal (as Tim Chen): yes.
by deathyeezus. January 18, 2019
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A radio code used by some urban public safety agencies as a professional sounding abbreviation for coffee, milk, no sugar. Intended to make a coffee run sound official and important.
"East 2, return to quarters. Make a stop on the way, 3 MNS."
by Hot East January 6, 2010
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Guy 1: Yo you heard of $MN?
Guy 2: Yurr they the clouted up niggas who're gods right?
Guy 3: Duh!
by ShinyWrist May 6, 2018
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Not knowing what you are supposed to do. This happens in what is obvious situations.
I was talking to this chick in the bar and she wanted to have a one night stand, but then I pulled a MNS and ended up on the just a friend list
by Mike Bakunin April 9, 2008
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two people talking: yo WHAT UP MNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!
everyone else: Whose MN???
by Gee Le Douche May 14, 2006
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