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the land of 3 seasons, winter, summer, and road construction.
"the gophers won against the hawkeyes, so in celebration i teabagged an iowan.
by mlen December 07, 2003

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A successful Boston band from Tufts University that people slam because they can write good music and make money.
I listened to Guster last night and im listening to Guster now.
by mlen September 03, 2003

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a sexual position that involves a man, an anus, a syringe, a bottle of tobasco sauce, and your imagination, also see blumpkin, donkey punch, abe lincoln, hot carl, cleavland steamer, alaskin pipeline,glass boat, hot lunch, tea bag, goggles, alabama crab dangle.
"bachman gave renee a kamikaze tunnel fire last night."
by mlen December 08, 2003

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one person who plays by their rules, anyone else has to play by their rules, otherwise they are booted out. often complains that they were cheated if they lose.
"you cant put 500 dollars on free parking!!!!"
"you cant roll one dice at a time!"
"you cant use the word 'manic masturbator' for a leisure activity in scattergories!"
by mlen December 08, 2003

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the trail of feces left above the butthole because of wiping upwards with the tp
"jesse noticed the dirt trail as he rammed her in the cornhole"
by mlen December 08, 2003

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