A term used to mean a pal or close friend. Originally the term announced the ownership of a person of color.
Today -- "How are you my nigger?"
Then -- "How are my niggers?"
by Willis April 12, 2005
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This is the highest comeback you can ever make, even higher than granny tranny. When used, God and Allah wage war in the entire universe until everything ceases to exist
You: Ur mom gay lol.
Bob: No u.
You: Your dad lesbian.
Bob: Granny tranny.

Everything and everyone: *Ded*
by Menwillalwaysbegay March 25, 2018
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TRANSLATION: Where are my fellow African Americans?

Used by blacks when they are in a predicament needing the support of fellow black people.
These two cops be harassing me !

Where my niggers at !?!?
by Pizzlej January 22, 2023
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An expression used to display anger or displeasure with a given situation

Shaniqua: "Fuck, you broke my phone?!?!? Taint my Nigger!!!!"

Tyrone: "Deal with it you ass turd monkey fucker"
by Evan Turner March 21, 2009
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A common slang way african american friends say hello to one each other.
"Yo, what's up my nigger."


"Hello, how are you my african american friend.?"
by xxlivefastttxx February 12, 2009
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