The Land of 10,000 lakes. The Gopher State. The Siberia of the United States. A cold state of the Upper Midwest/Great Lakes region bounded by Wisconsin, Iowa and the Dakotas. Its location in the Upper Midwest makes it similar to Wisconsin and, unfortunately, Michigan. Minnesota is frequently considered one of the best, most progressive states in the country. Its 5 million residents (21st in population) are blessed with a good economy, good education and some of the country’s best schools, high literacy, and good healthcare with generally healthy people (Rochester is home to the Mayo Clinic), but embraces liberal politics it considers “progressive.” As a result, it is the most tax burdened state in the country--Minnesota never met a tax it didn't like. The capital is Saint Paul and the largest city is its twin, Minneapolis (370,000), to the west. The Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area has about 3-million people and is 60% of the state’s population. Minneapolis is a college town and home to the University of Minnesota. The Mall of America is located in nearby Bloomington. Other population centers include include Duluth and Rochester

Minnesota is much like its regional states and notorious for its long and brutal winters, numerous lakes and plenty of opportunities to get out an enjoy nature. Many Minnesotans like to do ice sculptures, sled, ski, ice fishing, and go snowmobiling during the long winter. Many “downstate” Minnesotans in the Twin Cities region have vacations homes in the north that they frequent in the summer. Its 5 million residents are descendants of Nordic Europeans with funny, northern accents that resemble a dialect heard in Michigan, Wisconsin and Canada. Minnesotans are conservative by nature, but politically liberal. It is a major “blue” state and frequently supports Democrats in national elections. The stereotypical Minneosta demeanor is called “Minnesota nice” to connote a sort of smiling stubbornness, forced politeness, false humility or passive hostility, but not necessarily haughty. For example, they use word “different” to refer to inferiority. Minnesotans know their state is considered among the progressive in the country, but don’t usually boast about it.

Minnesota is the HQ to several large, well known companies like Northwest Airlines (Eagan), Target, 3M, Best Buy and General Mills. It is the birthplace of Judy Garland, Hubert Humphrey, Laura Ingalls-Wilder, Ernest Hemingway, Garrison Keillor, Jessie “the body” Ventura (who was also Governor at one point), Jessica Biel, that idiot Al Franken, Winona Ryder, and Vince Vaughn.
Minnesota is a progressive state to live in with a good quality of life, but dang is it cold.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com April 28, 2008
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A state with 3 seasons: Winter, Mosquitos, and road construction.
what if these mosquitos evolve and can with-stand 50 below temps???
by dazie July 17, 2005
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First off, the "Minnesota accent" is an urban legend. No such thing exists. The people in Minnesota have your standard upper Midwestern accent. Travel through surrounding states, Iowa, Wisconsin, etc... and you'll find that you won't encounter a special Minnesota accent. There is a lot of truth in the stereotypes you hear, but the accent is simply a legend. Second, to the ignorant person who said that Minnesota is some hick state full of conservative hillbillies, think again. Minnesota is in fact very progressive, and has a decent metropolitan area. It is not hick country. Sure, we lack good weather or beaches, sure there aren't mega-cities like New York, sure New York and San Francisco are probably billions of times more exciting then the Twin Cities and sure the geology in Minnesota can seem dull. But what we lack in geology we make up for in greenery. Unlike barren Nevada and Utah, Minnesota is very lush and green. Also, unlike New York and San Francisco, things are quite cheap here. In conclusion, don't base your opinion of Minnesota off the garbage Hollywood and TV feed you.
Holywood says: Minnesota=hick country, Rational person says: Minnesota=perfectly ordinary state not terribly exciting but certainly not hick country,
by anonymous person #2 January 17, 2007
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If you think we have a “OH YOU BETCHA” kind of accent your porely mistaken. When you get up really close into Canada maybe but other then that’s it’s Wisconsin’s. We are apparently crazy gifted because we can withstand 10-20 below zero and 95-105 above. So in other words Minnesotans are crazy strong. minnisota for life tho
Person1: damn those Minnesotans are crazy tough man
Person2: ikr!
Person1: I’m goin to Minnesota man let’s see how long I last
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by Badassbitch696969 July 12, 2018
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The most northern state in the 48 contiguous states that is said to be filled with conservative hicks by the retarded idiots on this site. Although it is actually the bluest state in the entire nation. Even New York sometimes votes Republican. Minnesota was the only state to vote blue in the 1984 election.
Minnesota - land of the 10,000 lakes

Minnesota - land of the 10,000,000 liberals
by Clinker September 16, 2007
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A kick-ass state that can beat any other state in the US
We have the biggest mall in America (aka Mall OF America), suck it NY shopping
FYI that mall also has a rockin amusement park
Spoon and Cherry... look it up
Named the best state to live in (legit)
Also has the top-rated city in the US to live in (Eden Prairie)
Ice fishing, skating, sledding, regular fishing, tubing, boating, golfing, other sports, camping, hunting, and shopping are just a FEW of the amazing things you can do in this state
Where do you live?

The best place ever!!

Oh, you're from Minnesota!
by Mr.Brestler February 27, 2011
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