A game full of cubes! You can either be creative (d1), basic survival (d2) or even play online games with others! (d3)
Creative mode

Do anything you want! Creative mode lets you Do anything you want! Flying,infinity blocks and get access to secret blocks/items! Be creative

Survival mode

Survive! The final goal is to survive! Mining, going to nether, beat the wither, going to the end, defeating the ender dragon...Even making your own food supply! Don’t forget your shelter


Hypixel! Mineplex! Public servers that let you play their mini games! Have fun!

Minecraft is indeed a very fun game
by Petroplayer728 February 16, 2019
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A kick ass game that has tons of enemies and shit and has building and crafting and there is this shit person named TheLegend27 who keeps ducking stealing my diamonds. (Diamonds are in minecraft. All the "special kids" moved to Fortnite a shitty game that's banned in North Korea and sometimes people who live in China make a United states flag and blow it up in this game. It's fun for the whole family came out May 17th 2009 and created me 9 years of rage because the fucking ghasts keeping killing me.
God damnit I hate when these mother fucking creepers blow up my house in Minecraft.
by Sendmementalhelp May 20, 2019
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Minecraft a blocky game created by Notch , real name is Markus Alexej Persson he is the co-founder of Mojang the company that made Minecraft.The First version of Minecraft was released on May 17 , 2009 . It had 3 stages , Alpha (From 2010) , Beta (From 2010-2011) , Snapshots , and the the first full version 1.0. Today Minecraft has more improved graphics than in beta and alpha , different creative mode menu , etc. Minecraft was very popular in 2010-2011 and is continued to be played from this day.There are 3 different game modes and 3 different difficulty's , There are Survival mode , Creative mode , and Hardcore Mode. There is the Easy difficulty , the Normal difficulty , and the Hard difficulty.
Mom : Come on Insert kids name! Its time for dinner! :)
Insert kids name : But mom i want to play Minecraft
by TF2 Fan June 25, 2016
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A game your girlfriend doesn't want to know about.
She will leave you if you say:
You: Guess what
Her: What?
You: In minecraft, I finally have a stack of diamonds
Her: *runing*
by word.org October 14, 2020
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A game where you can build anything with bricks
There are also different modes:
-Survival: A game where you have to dodge and kill numberious monsters
-Indev: Here you have to gain recrouces to build a fort, weapons and food (only avaialble if you buy the game)
-Free mode: build freely whatever you want with unlimited recources

You can also play online with it with user created servers
but in here you find tons of griefers if you dont protect your creations right
Creative builder: hey wtf what happened to my minecraft structure
Griefer: pwnd ya
Griefer has been banned.
Op: pwnd ya harder
by Spoon3r91 April 16, 2010
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A game where the hackers quickscope the noobs from the other side of the map but the noobs need wood and shit whereas they have diamond AC130's and Bombing Runs.
hey do u wanna come over and play *distorted screaming* MINECRAFT
by Derendila July 02, 2017
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The best game ever made. If that little fucker Jermeysays otherwise, fuck his mom.
You: Hey Jermey, want to play Minecraft later?

Jermey: No, fuck you bitch I play Fortnite
by Hey Bryce what do April 08, 2019
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