Something Minecraft needs instead of bees
Tim69420: We need a cave update r/caveupdate
Mojang: no
by We need a cave update October 3, 2019
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An update that somehow makes Minecraft caves more interesting or gives people a reason to go underground more often since recent updates have lead to people not needing to go mining. For example, they updated how the villager economy works and made it so enchanted diamond tools are much more accessible via weaponsmithing villagers.

This is the most voted for idea on the Minecraft Feedback website and was created in 2018. Despite this, Mojang still hasn't implemented it into Minecraft or officially announced its soon arrival.

Most people don't know that the idea of a cave update was mainly from ibxtoycat and became much bigger than him. Some may say that they are not implementing a cave update partially because ibxtoycat started the idea. Some people at Mojang don't like ibxtoycat because when the Minecraft Marketplace came out, he was heavily against it because of them pushing people to use microtransactions.

Even though this idea has been around since 2018, it is still a very popular idea today and would be very appreciated by Minecraft Players if it was implemented in the future.
Ibxtoycat early/mid 2019: WE NEED A CAVE UPDATE!!!!
by EnderStarr22 June 2, 2020
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I play minecraft, but minecrafters are tough. We deal with not having a cave update. Besides, I don't see a problem with the caves that we have
friend: hey me need a cave update
me: we play minecraft, were tuff, and we don't need a cave update
by Ps4 Name: Barce4life88 February 12, 2020
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Wanting something so much that you send hate mail just because it differs of what you expected for it to be.
When Mojang released Buzzy Bees update, fans had a severe case of Cave Update Syndrome.
by fneidneinwdioedowsj July 22, 2021
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