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Bubonic Plague is a contagious, often fatal epidemic disease which killed a third (50 Millon) of the world's population of Europeans and Asians in the 1430's. The bubonic plague is caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis, transmitted from person to person, a bite of a flea from an infected host, and a bite from an infected rat.It is characterized by chills, fever, vomiting, bloody semen, diarrhea, the formation of buboes, inflamed lymph nodes (around armpits, neck, and groin), pain areas in the abdomen or muscles, coughing blood, the whole body would feel fever, chills, fatigue, or malaise, Gastrointestinal (nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea), and commonly, bleeding, delirium, headache, phlegm, shortness of breath, or swollen and tender lymph node.
The Bubonic Plague is a virus
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by TF2 Fan April 01, 2017

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Minecraft a blocky game created by Notch , real name is Markus Alexej Persson he is the co-founder of Mojang the company that made Minecraft.The First version of Minecraft was released on May 17 , 2009 . It had 3 stages , Alpha (From 2010) , Beta (From 2010-2011) , Snapshots , and the the first full version 1.0. Today Minecraft has more improved graphics than in beta and alpha , different creative mode menu , etc. Minecraft was very popular in 2010-2011 and is continued to be played from this day.There are 3 different game modes and 3 different difficulty's , There are Survival mode , Creative mode , and Hardcore Mode. There is the Easy difficulty , the Normal difficulty , and the Hard difficulty.
Mom : Come on Insert kids name! Its time for dinner! :)
Insert kids name : But mom i want to play Minecraft
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by TF2 Fan June 25, 2016

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