A kick ass game that is being built slowly. The creator is notch, and he programs the game.
Person1: Hey.
Person2: Shut the fuck up! I'm playing Minecraft!
by Seelad June 09, 2010
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Minecraft is a game where when you play it once, u will never go outside or get excersize again. It is like a cheap drug in which you build and remove blocks to make awe inspiring structures.
Friend: Hey dude lets go to a party. Lots of hot chicks there.

You: What server is it on?

Friend: What? Server?

You: Minecraft party's have to b on servers!
by Mikeandike123456789 December 12, 2010
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Minecraft is a game written in Java created by Mojang AB in 2009. Minecraft has two current variants - Classic (which is free) and Beta (which you have to pay for).
In Beta, the main goal is to survive. At night, monsters spawn (but not in Peaceful mode) and attack you so you need to craft items and tools to help you survive. You also need to eat regularly.

Minecraft has gone through many development stages:

Classic - the oldest version. It is still playable and has multiplayer. In Classic, you have an infinite amount of blocks, no health, and no mobs.

Survival Test - Part of Classic, very basic compared to the Survival we play and know today.

Indev - Added a number of new features, including crafting, torches, and tools.

Infdev - Added the ability to have an infinite playing surface.

Alpha - Added biomes, nether, sneaking, and much more.

Beta - The current version of Minecraft. Added beds (which can skip the night), more mobs such as endermen and wolves (which can be tamed with bones and attack monsters), and many more.

Multiplayer is in both Classic and Beta, which allows, well, multiplayer, duhhhh
Girlfriend: Why aren't you spending much time with me, Greg?
by davidjl123 October 16, 2011
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A suitable alternative to some illegal substance.
Person 1: Wanna come round me and do come crack?
Person 2: I kicked that for Minecraft.
Person 1: What the fuck is that?
Person 2: Just a ga- FUCK A CREEPER!
by Minecrafterererererer April 05, 2011
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The single most addicting game in the world, side effects are anti-sociality, fear of light, explodingpenisphobia, a fear of the Creeper, occasional dreams only in blocks and thinking Minecraft is real.
person1: I punched my refrigerator to get milk.

person2: You dumbass you know you need a bucket for milk

person3: Minecraft is not real you need a fucking cup for milk dumbasses!

person1,2: Um, We knew that
by Kitty Carvis September 07, 2011
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Minecraft is an open game. There are single-player, realms, and multiplayer.
Game modes:
Survival: Get crushed by a million creepers blowing you up to five hundred blocks.
Creative: A maniac's best friend.
Adventure: This adventure is infinite. Have fun!
Spectator: Annoy your friends by telling everyone what they're doing when they're playing Minecraft Manhunt.
1/10,000 chance on the home screen to display Minceraft.
Insert OptiFine here
Insert client here
Would you all just shut up I'm in a Discord call playing Minecraft
by SpeedoThreeSixty November 17, 2020
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Legos on steroids, crack, and ecstasy.

With Zombies, Skeletons, and Screaming Floating Fire Monsters.
Wanna play with legos?
by KtWdA November 07, 2012
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