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Short word for Diablo III, a PC game made by Blizzard Entertainment that will come out near fall 2009.
Hey, have you heard about d3?
- Yeah it's gonna be an awesome game!
by LoupDumont July 10, 2008
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A Zimbabwe pizza man who has a strange fascination with edits and Gordin.
"Wow, dude, you just pulled a D3!"
by Armpit fucker December 20, 2017
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Short for Diablo Three. The game thousands of Diablo fans have been waiting for. People still don't know what to expect because Diablo fans world wide thought Blizzard had forgot about them and Diablo.

The game has been announced and no one knows when it will be released as of now. A good guess will be in 2009 or 2010.
Sorc: Hey, did you hear Diablo III is coming out?
Barb: Ya, right. People have been saying that for years.
Sorc: No really, Blizzard announced it, go google it.
Barb: Fine I will... Holy Cow Level, D3 was announced, and it looks real!
by WillStro July 10, 2008
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