You are somewhat of an enigma. In your eyes, blatant shows of emotion are useless and only deplete your energy. Indifferent best describes you in most situations.
by Shaz12 December 19, 2016
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ie, When someone says they're going out for a cigarette, they say they are going out for a min (minute), making cigarettes mins
"I'm going out for a min"

"I'm going to buy a deck of mins"
by ONYX_16 August 03, 2006
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min is the most freaky but stupid asian that lives next door. she will do anything dirty for some robux and sushi. she loves to eat exotic animals like cats and dogs. she is an incompetent hoe who has maybe two good brain cells because she snorts too much crack and can barley think for herself.
“i’ll suck you for 1,000 robux.”
“i’ll throw in a dog and some sushi for you min.”
by Vincentt Vincentt July 24, 2018
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he is a very fat guy
have you seen george? he is very min
by fatgaytommy December 13, 2018
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Of you have a Mins in your life, you for SHURE is in love with her. She as the sexy ass and a personality everybody loves.
“Who own that sexy ass”
“Oh its Mins she is SO HOT!”
by Seineee June 13, 2021
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min is a titan who bullies joyswife on discord for theyre sick pleasure also they suck at typing also min if u see this ily
min is so mean to joyswife
by notjoyswife March 31, 2021
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