Min is a cool person whos outgoing. In real life she'll probably be shy at first but once she gets used to you and comfortable with you she'll be a fun person. Shes fun to hangout with and just likes to live her life. She's a funny good person. She's just a really cool person in general. Her streams are really cool too. Me when min is sussy. Im sorry min dont hate me even more. Anyway. Min is cool!! Min deserves a bunch of good friends.
Girl: Hey do you know min?
Girl: Yeah I've heard about her. Shes cool
by Jay|dn July 21, 2021
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A person who has the ability to stand out from the rest of the crowd. "unorthodox". Can also be for objects or things to do. To be min, you must be able to do anything you want, without the fear of being judged. Min.
-Oh my sack, that shirt is min bru.

-Check out that cheri, she's min.

-The band MGMT, is min.
by inMINity April 30, 2013
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The most athletic, smartest, and coolest Korean around. Everybody likes him and wants to be like him.
When I grow up, i want to be just like Min!
by aTenYearOld November 22, 2011
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very smexy korean girl, nice, likes icecream, likes 2NE1, speaks 158 different languages, micav
wow! min is so pretty today! even without makeup!
by eiopvyg September 24, 2010
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He's the coolest guy in the crowd... He can say/do whatever he wants and people will automatically think it's cool. But Min usually has to take on a lot of responsibility's.
Look at Min! He's so cool, I wish I could be like him!
by HolySmellyGas11 February 21, 2016
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A Latte obsessed girl that's unforgettable in a good way. She's also a very talented young artist that's also a quick learner.
"'Damnit. We lost her, She was so a min to me, I'll never forget her 😔👊🏻💞"
by Yeet nugget March 04, 2019
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A term used to refer to the Sinicized Baiyue or Asian languages like Hokkien, Teochew, and Fuzhounese of Fujian, South China (Baiyue Land) and Taiwan. The Min language family is also spoken in Southeast Asian nations like the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia to a smaller extent. Unfortunately, the majority of youthful Min speakers are forced or give in by the racist/fascist Beijing-hired governors in some Southeast Asian countries to only communicate in Beijing Mandarin as a way to destroy their true ethnic identities to enslave them. Yue and other Asian ethnic groups are not safe from the dangers of the promotion of Beijing Mandarin too, although their languages will outlast Min longer, unless they rebel and overthrow the pro-China factions before their languages disappear for the greater evil.
From a Chinese supremacist's viewpoint, it is believed that Min is the only dialect closest to Old Chinese that was spoken by the Han Chinese people below the Yellow River of North China, unlike Yue being closest to Middle Chinese and Mandarin being closest to Modern Chinese, even if Mandarin absorbed a small amount of nomadic influences. However, certain non-Chinese linguistic experts and historians believe that Min, Yue, and Mandarin are not all Chinese, since Min and Yue are both still part of the Baiyue language family as unique languages from each other even if these languages absorbed some Old or Middle Chinese elements when they were defeated and enslaved by the Chinese, and Mandarin is basically the Tunguistic-conquered Sinitic language due to Tunguistic invaders, particularly the Mongol Empire and Qing dynasty, replacing many Middle Chinese words and pronunciations with Mongol and Manchu words and pronunciations when they defeated and enslaved the Chinese. Thus, all forms of Mandarin dialects are the closest to Mongol and Manchu languages. Finally, the entire Chinese nation is founded upon a lot of lies, and it is constantly subject to revisionism, despite history books always being written by heroic or evil winners of wars.
by TheUnknown21 June 10, 2019
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