to use up.
like a battery or electricity circlet.
Brenda owns so many cats that she is going to deplete the pet stores supply of cat food.
by Victoria Johns January 11, 2018
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The act of setting someone on fire and then kicking them to a pulp, for a sick act of amusement. People say they have "depleted" someone to gain ranks in their circle of friends or to scare others.
"I so set this dude on fire last year at school, then kicked the shit out him while he was on fire. It was well funny, but it means that I'm grounded and I have to sit in my room in the dark all day"

"Hahaha Really? He got totally Depleted! And you're so gunna get arrested"

by BinFairy October 28, 2007
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What America puts on the tips of their bullets, because it is so hard. Depleted Uranium is known to cause birth defects after uranium dust had been inhaled or drank after it leeched into the water system. using depleted uranium should be considered a warcrime.
"We went to a hospital in Southern Iraq,
and a woman was there with a very deformed child and
her husband had been in the Iraqi Army and had been
in the battles in Southern Iraq and
came home and they produced a baby with very severe
malformations... Both the Leukemia rates in children and
malformations at birth had increased by 600%
and it was clearly an epidemic where all this
Depleted uranium had been dumped... It becomes a dust that can be inhaled and infect the blood stream and the rest
of the body and it was the opinion of the
doctors there that this was caused by depleted uranium...
They simply saw this as being a direct result of the
war by United States."

-U.S. Representative, Jim McDermott
by the dark wanderer November 6, 2007
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That homeless person is a"DepletedMan"he has exhausted all of his resources to regain employment.

He lost his job last month and is behind on his mortgage he is starting to feel that of a Depleted Man!!!
by theRealMarcusGerard January 31, 2014
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One who smokes cigarettes but does not buy them, thereby depleteng everyone else of thier cigarettes or as the brits say "fags"
by Jasen January 21, 2007
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The phrase used to break up with that person (usually a boyfriend or a girlfriend) who is toxic to you. It keeps it simple, the best way.
"What do you mean you're not coming over on Saturday night? What else do you have to do? We always watch basketball or hockey or football or (worse yet) golf, and you bring the pizza and beer, and we hang."
"Not this Saturday night or any other night after that, Fred, you deplete me. Mind, wallet, and soul. Buh-bye."
by getaclue2007 April 9, 2010
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Depleted Wallet Syndrome, or DWS is a common affliction among suburban teenagers and adults. The symptoms consist of complaining about not having enough money and the occasional get-rich-quick scheme.
Man, Greg Davis has some hardcore DWS.
by Angry Liberal June 1, 2005
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