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1. (Mathehmatiks) - When 2 figures have same dimensions.

2. (Peepull) - When someone is consistent with their actions and personality, unique to themselves. Something that your girlfriend isn't.
1. Whoa, these two triangles are the same size. I'd say they're pretty fucking congruent.

2. Dude when the fat cop started yelling at him, bro didn't even flinch and was all cool about it, I'd say he's pretty congruent.
by deviant styles December 24, 2010
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Following through with the determination not to have sex with a new tinder match until the 4th date.
She really wanted to fuck his brains out, but she decided it was best to just cuddle and fall asleep in his arms instead not being congruent
by JohnLovesMick May 03, 2018
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