Millennials represent the generation born 1981-1996. They are best known for feeling entitled without accomplishing anything useful; being whiny, impatient, and useless; hunching over their devices (for that 90-year-old's posture), hating anyone over 35 and age discriminating like mad; instituting miserable practices such as waiting in queues for 2 hours for some rubbish ice cream, boba tea, or other trendy nonsense. In other words, they are the new Baby Boomers, come back to further destroy the planet.
Some millennial told me to go to Brenda's Soul Food for brunch. I went and the wait for 2 was 5 fucking hours. Everyone else there was a stupid millennial hunched over their phone or taking selfies. What a fucking nightmare!
by erusha July 10, 2017
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A millennial is a person born between the years 1982 and 2004. Millennials are the generation after Generation X (1965-1984). They tend to be more confident and optimistic (sometimes unrealistically so) than previous generations. Mantra of the Millennials: "Follow Your Heart."
Millennials need to stop waiting for their dreams to come true and start making them happen.
by sojournerhere October 11, 2016
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A generation raised by grand theft auto San Andreas and dead beat dads
those millennial man all they want to do is sell blow shoot guns and fuck hookers without payin em
by Freebaseeverythang August 16, 2017
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A person born after 2000 who has the ability to exist in this world although they're retarded.
I was gonna buy some milk today but a millennial said it kills cows.
by Whytewolf78 September 30, 2018
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Like "epic", except not for cunts.
1. Have you heard that new dnb tune? It's fucking millennial!

2. Jesus I've got the most millennial boner.

3. Only millennial cunts use the word epic as an adjective.
by MSX Psycho February 06, 2017
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William Straus and Neil Howe's clustering of millennials based on birth years, the generational classification was referred to as Generation Y, and muddled the fair representation of those who experienced their adolescence and cognitive-development years in step with the nascent phase of home-based Internet access technology.

While often lumped together with millennials (as defined by Straus and Howe), the developmental phase of social interaction, which involved information technology's burgeoning impact on society, was overlooked. Generation Y represented the crossroads between millennials who were well immersed in computer technology even as far as experiencing an institutionalization of computer education in academic curricula and Generation X members who were heavily immersed in broadcast media's influence and yet largely uninitiated in computer technology. Generation Y represents the link between the non-digital age society shaped by Generation X, as adolescents (MTV Generation), and the dawn of the Internet age that saw the transitioning of society to easily accessible online communities (Bulletin board system, MIRC, Yahoo! Groups, Internet forum) especially during the introduction of dial-up Internet access to households.

Gen Y entangled pop culture and digital community-building through bulletin board systems, online forums, website mailing groups, mIRC, ICQ, and other electronic modes of communication (predecessors to social media) into today's digital age.
Generation Y and Generation Z cannot be lumped together and be called Millennials; the two groups are distinct and the eggheads who said so are idiots.
by CommandereON January 19, 2018
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-Millennial or Millennials

A media popularized term for a generation of people born in western culture who came to adulthood in the early 21st century.

Often confused for being tech savvy or capable in life skills, millennials are more often incapable with life skills that earlier generations are commonly more adept at, such as changing car tires, filling out paperwork, hooking up entertainment centers or reading usage agreements and contracts on websites and smart phone apps before agreeing to them.

Millennials are more often only functional with contemporary front end usage of modern technology while being confused and incapable with more practical applications and the service of hardware.

A small minority of Millennials with inherited wealth gave rise to the "gig" or "shared" economy bubble. Much of the perception of millennials centers around this minority among the generation who attain great wealth from crowd funding, confidence scam investments and inheritances that are soon squandered on unsustainable and impractical business models.

The Millennials are for the most part very deficient in common life skills, sustainability and practical capability.
I just saw a Millennial trying to change a tire and add oil to his car. He gave up after dumping transmission fluid in the oil intake and trying to jack his fender until it crumpled.
by Mr. SnowmanPants June 03, 2016
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