A snitching, over-sensitive, clueless, moronic, tattooed, gay loving, drug taking, whining, entitled non gender specifc person born late 80's to early 2000's who is full of mock empathy, mock sympathy, mock grief and mock outrage who loves any word they can stick "ist" or "phobe" on the end of and who thinks that having friends who are a different race, gay or crossdressing is groundbreaking and "progressive".
Person 1. Hey I see you got a new tattoo..it kinda looks like a man with tits?
Millennial: Yes its my tribute to the 20 trans-gender people who were murdered last year probably by someone with transphobia.
Person 1: Mmmm...did you know there were 2 million murders of non-transgender people last year and most committed by someone who didnt like a person for some reason.
Millennial: Ohhhhh?? Gee I need more tattoos.
Person 1: Stupid goddam MILLENNIAL!
by Shaker1903 February 06, 2019
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Special little snowflake.

Born between 1982 and 1994 this generation is something special, cause Mom and Dad and their 5th grade teacher Mrs. Winotsky told them so. Plus they have a whole shelf of participation trophies sitting at home so it has to be true.

They believe themselves to be highly intelligent, the teachers and lecturers constantly gave them "A"'s in order to keep Mom and Dad from complaining to the Dean. Unfortunately, nobody explained to them the difference between and education and grade inflation so they tend to demonstrate poor spelling and even poorer grammar.

At work, millennials believe themselves to be overachievers who just aren't understood by their loser bosses. Even Mom said so when she showed up for the interview. They are the only generation in the universe to understand the concept of work life balance and to actually want to find a fulfilling career. All those Gen X losers just don't get it what with hoping to keep their jobs and pay the bills but they are just corporate drone so who cares what they think? They should be smart like Millennials and get Mom and Dad to pay for that stuff until they can work out what they want to do with their lives and then get rich doing it.
Well, I've been here at this job for 6 months now and I've been on time mostly so I should get a raise now 'cause I've paid my dues.
Did you know we are the most technologically advanced generation, like eva? And smart too. They call us millennials cause we were born before the millennial I think.
by The witter July 14, 2010
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Some who only knows Sarah McLachlan as that sad animal lady.
Me: I still think “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” is one of the greatest albums ever made.
Millennial: You mean, Sarah McLachlan, I thought she just wrote songs about abused animals.
by Jfman December 25, 2018
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A generation of people who feel that everyone apparently owes them something, instead of getting their asses off of Facebook, going out and earning their way in life, rather then combing their manbuns and sucking down Soy Frappachinoes while also eating Tide Pods and bitching about illegal immigrants
That millennial cursed me out because I didn't agree with his views, fucking asshole he is
by Metallicajunkie October 03, 2018
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Millennials represent the generation born 1981-1996. They are best known for feeling entitled without accomplishing anything useful; being whiny, impatient, and useless; hunching over their devices (for that 90-year-old's posture), hating anyone over 35 and age discriminating like mad; instituting miserable practices such as waiting in queues for 2 hours for some rubbish ice cream, boba tea, or other trendy nonsense. In other words, they are the new Baby Boomers, come back to further destroy the planet.

The irony is that Baby Boomers and Millennials hate one another. They are really the same, only separated by 3 decades.
Some millennial told me to go to Brenda's Soul Food for brunch. I went and the wait for 2 was 5 fucking hours. Everyone else there was a stupid millennial hunched over their phone or taking selfies. What a fucking nightmare!
by erusha July 10, 2017
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People who are addicted to there phones have no idea what a real conversation is. They believe what social media says and tweets on twitter.
Omg I talked to a millennial Wait she was on her phone so I couldn’t.
by Hi10138 December 01, 2018
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Millennial is an alternative name for Generation Y.

A generation is generally agreed to be about twenty years: Baby Boomers (40s & 50s), Generation X (60s & 70s), Millennials (80s & 90s), Generation Z (00s & 10s).

The three main defining attributes that Millennials have, seem to be: firstly that they have grown up taking technology for granted, secondly that they have grown up in a world where there are no consequences for bad behavior and thirdly that they have been told they can do whatever they like in the world as there are no winners or losers.

The former meaning that they are first generation who spend more time inside than outside doing something constructive. Advancements in entertainment technology and (half arsed lazy parenting from Generation X parents) has meant Millennials have grown up in bedrooms with their own TVs, stereos, laptops and game consuls. this has made the threat of "I'll send you to your room" moot, as there is no place the Millennial would rather be.

The later is more serious; due to the continual growth and proliferation of the ridiculous concept of "Politically Correct", Millennials have grown up; not being spanked at home (in most cases), not receiving any real punishment at school and even in the criminal justice system receiving derisory sentences.

The last has created a generation of "Special Little Snowflakes", who seem to think they can do what ever they want and are prone to tantrums if they don't get their own way. university.
I see the Millennials are crying about Brexit, a bit rich considering most of them didn't even bother to vote.
by Rikstir May 04, 2017
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