Someone who has no understanding of government or they’re freedom
This millennial thinks guns should be banned but doesn’t understand that if that happens government will take over
by Cumdrunk October 30, 2019
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Generation of americans born before the turn of the century, who are quite possibly the weakest generation of people any nation has ever produced. These people are completely ignorant to reality, and fail to accept anybody who thinks differently than they do, yet they claim to be the most tolerant generation. Identifiable by their Subaru forester hatchbacks littered with Bernie 2016 stickers, and their ignorance when it comes to politics. These are the same people seen marching in the streets yelling expletives about Donald Trump, and his supporters during their "peaceful" protests. Their inability to cope with a Trump presidency is due to the fact that they are used to receiving participation trophies, and have been shielded from opinions that differ from theirs.
Person1: Did you see all those millennials in the streets spitting at Trump supporters

Person2: yeah, those millennials really need to to wake up to reality.
by Shit nizza November 13, 2016
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The worst people on planet earth -- first generation in human history that can't even tell a girl from a boy.
Why does that guy keep calling Johnathan Yaniv "she?" Oh--he's just another millennial.
by Bal-der-Dash February 05, 2020
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Spoiled, self involved, under-educated brat born after year 2000
That millennial just took another selfie.
by blackrock January 03, 2016
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You are married to your phone and the internet has more pictures of you than your parents.
by SPR70NOVA November 08, 2016
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The group of age range that doesn't know how to act. They are always trying to get rid of rules of life that are certain, kind of like Christopher Columbus;they come in fuck everything up and get out. They also like to steal Gen Z's online humor.
Baby boomers: Why is millennial humor so weird?
Millennials: Haha. Yes thats us. So silly aren't we?
Gen Z: Gtfo im tryna E
by Haha.Yes May 08, 2018
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Generation Y has been lumped together with millennials, (as eggheadedly defined by Straus and Howe), the developmental phase of social interaction, which involved information technology's burgeoning impact on society, was overlooked. As information technology and Internet connectivity may have easily established a cohort of sorts among Internet users, Generation Y represented the crossroads between millennials who were well immersed in computer technology even as far as experiencing an institutionalization of computer education in academic curricula and Generation X members who were heavily immersed in broadcast media's influence and yet largely uninitiated in computer technology. Generation Y represents the link between the non-digital age society shaped by Generation X, as adolescents (MTV Generation), and the dawn of the Internet age that saw the transitioning of society to easily accessible online communities (Bulletin board system, MIRC, Yahoo! Groups, Internet forum) especially during the introduction of dial-up Internet access to households.

Generation Y entangled pop culture and digital community-building through bulletin board systems, online forums, website mailing groups, mIRC, ICQ, and other electronic modes of communication (which could be considered the predecessors to social media) into the digital age of today; even as most Generation X members lacked the responsiveness or the interest to immediately adopt the connective facilities offered by the Internet.
Millennials are for GenerationZ's. Leave Generation Y alone.
by CommandereON January 12, 2018
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