Milan is alleged to be a player that encourages failures and engages in unsportsmanlike behaviour.
He’s kinda Milan.
by IamPeakyBlinder December 4, 2022
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Milan is a man that goes around abruptly RAILING every married woman in sight. He’s not into single girls, only married woman.
Ayoooo hide your wife, that boy Milan around the corner
by Superior Genetically November 22, 2021
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Technically a village in Ohio, and is the birthplace of Thomas Edison (which is what the whole town is based around) Attractions include the Invention Restaurant, Jim's Pizza Box, Edison High School, and about 10 too many antique stores.
Person 1: Let's move to Milan, Ohio!

Person 2: Let's not.
by Jennifer44857 February 22, 2009
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you are content just cradling his restless mind to sleep. it satisfies you equally to feed it your trademark scrambled eggs. a kiss is sometimes two world wars away but you keep hoping that the two of you will recognise the toy money for what it is: a fucking treasure.
"whats going on between you and Milan?"
"oh we're reenacting 1939"
by Krkič May 10, 2019
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Best person ever probably small your pretty and nice to everyone but don’t take no bull shit and grades are a’s and b’s and your name is most likely to get pronounced and spelt wrong
Milan is the best person,she is so pretty.”have you seen her grades?” Hannah said.
by Milana November 3, 2020
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A Fucking crackhead who remembered my house and is friends with a guy who wears a bandanna.
by Bubby Chubby November 29, 2021
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A man who is always the leader of the group.Ladys like him because he has an 20 inch penis.
Milan is like an machine in bed
by Motorlajegej October 17, 2020
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