Still fucking Quinn, lmao Anton K. Wastes years of his life with girls who dont truly love him.
by ErnestoSegovia June 18, 2018
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Too hungry to define it but its shit.
Milan is shit, simple.
by meelan March 1, 2005
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One of the shittiest most boring cities in the United States.
What're you going to do tonight?
I live in Milan, what is there to do?
by Courtney January 15, 2005
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A man who is always the leader of the group.Ladys like him because he has an 20 inch penis.
Milan is like an machine in bed
by Motorlajegej October 17, 2020
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A guy with a big penis (17.5 inches) and good sense for humor that fucks all the hot girls
Hehe bro its Milan
by NotMilan November 21, 2021
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A very funny hungarian person, but has some quite based views and is a closeted bisexual. He is often found using dark humour as a way to cope
by Commander_Red November 2, 2020
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