Milan is a very attractive guy. He is very humble and loves to help other people. Eventhough he doesn't always have the perfect life himself, he does try to make the best of it. He is one of those persons that you meet and never forget. He can change your life and mood with his possitivity, his humor and his kindness. He will always be there for you no matter what.

He is also very attractive but he doesn't realise this. He isn't very confident and often thinks he isn't good enough for the people around him, eventhough he deserves the best. His looks make women aswell as men fall in love with him at first sight. When you get to know him he will always be very kind, helpfull and funny. Because of his looks and personality a lot of people love him or are jealous of him.
by Mola ;) August 8, 2021
the most amazing sexiest, mixed race person who is very popular and enjoys the party life and has some Italian in them
also they enjoy a good laugh and are up for wild nights and getting pissed !
for a good time get milan .......we need milan tonight
sexy party fun
by suppermann_11 July 20, 2011
milan is someone who is a year younger than the rest of her class. she is weird and not that fast. she is someone to always love to death, and she is really into white older guys like seth. she is super funny and petty at times don’t worry boys she is worth your time.
milan is fake boujee
by bigfupalupa August 10, 2021
a girl who is really in love with a boy named josh and is ti afraid he won't like her but they talk everyday and she wants to marry him and she's in love his voice
by d04567 May 16, 2019
the hottest person on this planet yet thinks shes not is also really mean and tends so say "saranghae" when they dont mean it
milan be my gf loll
by milanslover May 13, 2021
Milan is a creepy child who is stuck in his past and can’t get over crushes.
never text a milan
girl 1: have you been texting that guy

girl 2: no, but he wont stop texting me its so annoying

guy 1: he is such a milan
by thatbitchmilan October 24, 2019
A Floridian Gipsy with a severe speach impediment. Can often be seen feltching on breaks during his long days at the melon farm. Can read over 800 words per minute (sorta).
That gipsy Milan is stealing gerbils again!
by esteban's twin May 7, 2007