A very funny hungarian person, but has some quite based views and is a closeted bisexual. He is often found using dark humour as a way to cope
by Commander_Red November 2, 2020
Well Milan is a guy with a small dick but still trying to get girls even though every one knows he is gay.
The Milan right there is a tall toothpick.
by Big cock 2244 October 15, 2019
Milan a round faced duper and scammer who can’t not use a cat as there pfp he likes the big mouth skin in fortnite but doesn’t have the vbucks for it.
Milan is a scammer and a duper
by A wild gibby October 25, 2019
A waste yute who does awful things to people and expects to be treated like a king
Yo don’t be a Milan, show up to the fight fam
by Mansnotfire December 9, 2018
a very sweet and caring friend (or gf if you’re lucky). if you ever stumble upon a milan, keep her close because she’ll be there when you always needed. :)
person: why is milan always so nice?
person 2: because she’s milan. all milans are like that :)
by caserole July 24, 2019