you are content just cradling his restless mind to sleep. it satisfies you equally to feed it your trademark scrambled eggs. a kiss is sometimes two world wars away but you keep hoping that the two of you will recognise the toy money for what it is: a fucking treasure.
"whats going on between you and Milan?"
"oh we're reenacting 1939"
by Bad Translator May 10, 2019
A dude who is very bruh and has dry humor. He is not that smart and likes energy drinks and frikandelbroodjes. He wears often training suits and likes blonde girls with big curves.
hey, how is milan doning? oh, hes just being milan.

whats he like? milan.
by Tika_Innit October 5, 2020
Usually a French or Canadian boy who wears glasses and needs/wear braces and also loves coding,programming or gaming. They’re either shy or really loud, obnoxious and cringe. Also capricious and childish
Milan had a tantrum because he didn’t get what he wanted
by Kira.B June 3, 2021
Rejected child , this word also can be put into a verb as shown in the ex.
Sorry we have Milan'd your retarded child from harvard
by Ranzua June 15, 2010
Milan is a type of girl who WILL take sh*t. She will RUIN your life if you mess with her and take your man. She is usually blonde/Black-haired. Milan is very easily distracted, likes to talk a lot, and likes her food!
Is that Milan the girl that beat up (him/her)?

Smart funny boy. Can be Serbian. Is not a main streamer. He loves to play soccer and named has a friend named Charlie.
He is cool!!!
What a goal by Milan, he sure knows how to play
by chgytb67 bgv January 10, 2018