A very leng guy who is incredibly loyal, very chill and doesn't like to draw attention to himself. He doesn't think he is that good looking even though he has a great jawline and striking eyes. He is extremely kind, thoughtful and loving and has a good sense of humour. He is a lovely person to have around and his presence makes a room feel special. Although he is shy he makes people feel calm and has a very gentle aura.
I am so lucky to have a Milan in my life.
by nausicaa's valley October 25, 2023
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Milan is a very hot girl. If you see a Milan make sure you show her some love or else bad energy's will come your way. She is a nice girl but can be feisty at times but if your a guy/girl thats her way of showing her love to you. Be very nice and treat her like royalty because thats how if should be.
Milan is looking super hot today.🥵
by milan frye February 25, 2022
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Milan is a guy that is obsessed with dogs.

he fucks dogs everyday.
by Geenideewieditis November 21, 2021
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literally the hottest girl you know, but she can get mad very easily she gives way too many chances! she is SO loyal if you make her friend sad SHE WILL KILL YOU
person 2: well you shouldnt of made her mad.
by doggies4eva January 19, 2022
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A beautiful girl who gets all the attention when she walks in the room. She's shy but when you get to know her, she's amazing. She's fun to be around, goofy, and hilarious. She looks rather mean but she's very sweet and caring on the inside. She's the best girlfriend ever. She doesn't take any sh*t though so beware
Milan is so amazing!
Hey Milan ^Blush^
by Ashley.! June 27, 2018
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A bitch who doesn’t care about anything or anyone, except her loved ones. She usually doesn’t have more than 3 people she loves or cares about. Milan’s look really rude(because they are) but will always have a soft spot for some.

They are gorgeous and the most cutest people alive, they brighten up everyones day!
Why are you sad?
- (Milan came) And made it better
by Certified.horner April 19, 2022
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