Milan is a very very lovely person, he is always caring about you and tries to give the best advices. He is a bit shy and introverted but thats how he is. He is a keeper, a friend and such the nicest guy you‘ll get to know.
Who is that lovely guy?
Ohh its Milan of course!
by Charlieee<3 August 25, 2021
Milan is a beautiful person. She likes having fun with her friends. She is sweet,kind,cute and all around an amazing person. She likes going to dances and party's to have fun.
Wow Milan is really nice
by 2016 is old January 4, 2017
This most beautiful woman in world!!She is fucking Gorgeous !! She is the nicest person in the world too! She is truly a blessing !
Milan is really really pretty I think I’m in love with her!

If you know a Milan you have been blessed by angel!
by TooCoolForYou12 December 29, 2017
Milan is a real one he keeps it 100 💯 he doesn’t cheat he is loyal he is a good boyfriend and wants best for everyone he also is a really funny nigga
You neeed a Milan
by Realniggaspamz September 15, 2019
Milan is a little wimpy kid, who wears sandals with socks. Person with no taste in fashion!
Dont be a Milan!

Look what he is wearing, he is such a Milan!
by P.A.P.S. October 25, 2019
First Football team founded in milan in 1899.
Capable of winning everything, but also losing in the worst ways: UEFA Champs League Final @ Istanbul, Milan 3 - 3 Liverpool -> Reds Champs after penalties..

The only reason they win is beacuase they get money form the current Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi (a piece of shit). Of course, money is not the principal reason, the thing is that Berlusconi is a mobster, so he threatens the referees so they make little favors during the match for his team. Before he became owner of the club, AC Milan were in Serie B (Italian Second Div.)...
Milanista, ad Istanbul non sono venuto, ma non sai quanto ho goduto!!!
by Vic3 June 28, 2005
Technically a village in Ohio, and is the birthplace of Thomas Edison (which is what the whole town is based around) Attractions include the Invention Restaurant, Jim's Pizza Box, Edison High School, and about 10 too many antique stores.
Person 1: Let's move to Milan, Ohio!

Person 2: Let's not.
by Jennifer44857 February 22, 2009