I was miffed by how curt my boyfriend was to my best friend.

Asia looks miffed, did something happen?
by PuttingItSimply August 23, 2017
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Being a little bit annoyed but not super annoyed. Usually cured by making kissy faces
Bruna is miffed at Jordan because he hasn't started his work and yet he remains rattled.
by Jruna October 17, 2017
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past participle of MILF.
After one crests the apex of "Like To", one graduates to "Did".
Mother I FFuckED. Miffed.
Blake's friend: "Blake, Your mom's a MILF"
Blake's other friend: "Miffed that."
Blake: "Screw you guys."
by crashlanta October 26, 2011
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"miffed" -- that is the word that comes out when you try to say "pissed" when your lady is covering your mouth with her lovliness....
When asked of his feelings about the matter, Harry said "I am miffed". Which we all know he was pissed but Gertrude's privates were covering his mouth at the time.
by The San Clemente Kid March 13, 2009
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To eat a lot of food in one sitting and be realllllly full.
sometimes eating a lot of greasy food to cure a hangover.
i got so miffed thismorning after that party last night

wanna go get miffed?
by HollyMatilda September 13, 2007
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To be slightly annoyed, specifically with someone or something.
Jane is a bit miffed with Sally.
by Katie October 8, 2003
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a MIF is a MILF without the L.
In other words, a mom that I fucked.
charlie: Damn look at Michele's mom she is such a MILF!
Me: Nah, she's a MIF on my list.
by osco50 March 14, 2008
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