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The most special girl you will meet ever in the history of EVERRRR. Bruna is known to be reliable, dependable, intelligent, and exotic. They're unique, individualistic and seductive. A female with dark hair, who is way more hot, sexy, stunning, ravishing, gorgeous and beautiful than a blonde could ever be. Bruna's are often from Italy or Brazil, and they have the sexiest hourglass body figure to top it all with the most amazing personality. Usually a name for a person that is a walking Goddess.
No way, you are dating BRUNA?!? You have to be the luckiest guy on earth!


Who is that girl over there? She's a hottie!"

"That's Bruna..."

"Oh, that explains a lot!"



G2: Dude. Like you could. That's BRUNA. She wouldn't even give ME a chance.

G1: What're you talking about man? The ladies love YOU!

G2: Yeah but still. There's something about her. She's gorgeous. WaaaaaaaYYYYY OUTTA MY LEAGUE!

G1: Be cool man. She's coming this way!

Bruna: Hey guys! How's it goin?

Guy2 and Guy1: Bah. Dah. Gah. Lag. gargg. Uh. Um. HI!

Bruna: Haha. Anyways, I'll catch you guys later k?

*she walks away..*

Jessica: BRUNA! G2 SOOO likes you!

Bruna: Naww. He wouldn't like ME...

Jessica: Are you kidding? He like LOVESS YOU! Te Ama!

Bruna: You're crazy. That's G2.

Jessica: Whatever gurl. Trust me. He's got it bad.

G1: Dude. YO GOT IT BAD!

G2: I know..

G1: Why don't you talk to her?

G2: Cuz that's BRUNA! She wouldn't like me..

G1: You never know
by G1G2Jessica December 06, 2010
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the most amazing girl ever shes fucking fuineee
lyk dayum dis baby is hawt :
that girls a bruna
ohh shit she's hot as fuhhh
duh thats why i said shes a bruna
by jared oh dayum son August 24, 2008
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a bundle of emotions and obstacles.
has been through everything in the book and is going crazy.
oh and the biggest bitch ever!
by Yourmomateme34596d March 01, 2008
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The name for a girl who makes a horrible friend, and family member. She's the type of girl who is easy and has a new guy in her every week. From a young age, her pussy's been loose forever. Nasty... She may be quite pretty, but don't be fooled by her looks and "charms." She's a huge bitch and known to be a huge whore. She makes people lose their virginities to her and leaves them! She also makes a shitty friend, she's never there to have an ear out for you and be a shoulder to cry on. She brushes everything off. And she treats her family like garbage, she tends to throw fits oh and did I mention? -- Throws her pussy at people and gets fucked on the daily because she's a whore.
Guy 1: Yooo, I banged Bruna last night... She hella loose.
Guy 2: Poor you, man! Everybody says that, have you not heard?
Guy 1: Damn... But she a whole loose turkey meat.
Guy 2: I know, fucked her too LMAO.
by ShaBBBaby April 27, 2017
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a pretty girl who usually has bad breath. besides that a flat butt, but nice personality. just buy her tic tacs.
by truthteller1234567 August 23, 2011
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