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Rolls of fat around the hips. Can be used either affectionately or derogatorily.
That lady might have some Michelin, but she has a sweet face and a nice personality.
by pentozali April 07, 2008
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She is a rare treasure and is not afraid to be alone. Often misunderstood, but only those really close to her knows that she has a heart of gold. She is a trail blazer and like a missle she goes after what she wants in life. She may not be gorgeous, but she is loyal, caring and a great listener. She is a problem solver and likes to take on challenges. Cannot stand people who are fake, a hypocrite and are not humble. She can smell bullshit from a mile away and is not afraid to be blatant about things with due time. She is nice, but do not confuse that as a weakness. Always roots for the underdog because she is one herself.
It is easy to poke fun at the name Michelin because of the Michelin tires but the meaning is β€œhe who is who is like God” which is way more powerful that a Michelin man joke or the other two horrible definitions before this one.
by Michy$ September 17, 2018
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Another name for a coxswain or peson that sits in the back of a rowing boat and does nothing but add dead weight.
Matt (a.k.a.Britain) is a Michelin.
by Msouthern May 04, 2008
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