A Menis is an imaginary moose that has a penis shaped head.

To draw a Menis, start by drawing two circular eyes that touch. They should be a nice size, not too small or too big. Secondly, draw an elongated "U" shape in order to connect the two circles you had drawn before. At this point, you should have something that looks like an upside down penis. Third, towards the end of the elongated "U" shape, draw a line that is about 90 degrees in comparison to the two long sides of the "U" shape. At this point, you should have the equivalent of a penis tip.

Finally, to make your upsidedown penis look like a Menis, draw two pupils in the center of the circle, draw a penis hole, which will serve as the mouth, and for antlers, connected pubes coming out towards the top of its eyes (Should look something like lightning, but less jagged and more flowy), and then your Menis will be complete
*Tires Screech*
"That was close! We almost hit a Moose!"
"That wasn't a Moose! It was a Menis!"
by Smart Boi Dumb May 16, 2019
Micro penis. Similar to a chode, but a menis doesn't even have girth.
Hahaha, your menis is so small the police filed it as a missing person!
by Angry Andy April 12, 2011
Damn did you see meny he is a fuckboy.

Meny is a fuckboy
by Mcoleland February 6, 2016
Similar to pig benis but medium the m and p got swapped used in similar situations as pig benis
Nick the cuck has a Pedium Menis
by blazingfaggot420 April 6, 2017
the most beta male who hates anime and only dates virgins
you know about meni yiirs?
yeah he's a total beta
by ffLx August 4, 2022
A group of teenage idiots who think they’re funny but laughing about their own inside jokes during class
Tyler, Keira, Jace, and Mo keep on laughing about things that don’t make sense in Calculus class, they’re all Meni to society
by Meni founder #3 August 29, 2022