The turning point! The moment/place where your whole world turns around and you realise that you are awesome!!!
-OMG she is amazing!
-Yes, she is 90 Degrees HOT!

-Wow I had amazing time last night!
-I know right! My life turned around at 90 Degrees - met the dream girl of my life!
by palu4ka March 4, 2014
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The most powerful of all dabs, not achievable by mere mortals. Made by attempting to hold your arm at a perfect 90 degrees while dabbing. The "dance" or trend of dabbing is the basic form, but a 90 degree dab is the ultimate and final form.
John: "Hey I'm about to attempt a 90 degree dab!"
Amy: "No John! You'll die!"
by JetX2333 February 21, 2018
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When you get an erection at the wrong time and place, needing a quick escape. You tuck you penis into the top of your waistband at a 90 degree angle.
Person 1: Dude i had to go up to the board and write and then i got this massive boner

Person 2: Dude how'd you fix that shit?

Person 1: I 90 Degree Tucked that shit. Thank god for that quick getaway
by CCSemtex March 3, 2012
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A person, especially a girl, who is always cold. The expression comes from the fact that this person could be freezing even if it was 90 degrees outside.
Man, no matter how hot it is outside, my girlfriend is always freezing. I tell you, she's a 90 degree freezer.
by Charles LeDoux December 15, 2007
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A party/dance that involves major grinding such that girls are bent over at a 90 degree angle. 180 degrees crazy means the girls were touching the floors. Anything above 180 is likely impossible.
Shotties were grinding major hard at last nights party. They were all bent over, touching the floor even. It was 90 degrees crazy. Maybe even 120
by supershox# September 12, 2010
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to have your erect penis, or someone elses erect penis, snapped at a 90 degree angle. An act of violence.
Dude, i dont know if im ever gonna be able to have sex again. I was gettin a blow job from Mary and i accidentally called her Sarah. She got angry and 90 degree angled my cock.
by CConye February 17, 2007
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The 90 degree thrill ride can be best described as a sexual position (although it is mostly innocent) taken on by two people in a sitting down manner(usually in a relationship, but not exclusively). It usually starts of by the two people laying down in a casual way, that's when the girl starts to take things into her own hands. This takes a great amount of skill, fore the woman must maneuver the action in a slick transition, in order to prevent awkwardness. She starts by slightly sitting up and then swings her leg (slightly bent) over her companion, placing it on the other side of him, lifting her body on top of her partner. She hovers her Booty over his lap (to not squish his Jewels, of course), And then can either place her hands on his shoulder to achieve a more dominate position, but tangled in the hair works just as well. WARNING: This position can lead up to A hot Make out session, or some seriously sexy times, so do not attempt if you or your partner are not ready for this kind of commitment. (:
"Bro! i just had the best 90 degree thrill ride of my life! She was all over me!"
by BabyDragoSlayer243 May 27, 2016
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