An extremely powerful, noble, and majestic creature that emjoys frolicking in the woods, grazing in fields, and break dancing to old skool hip-hop.
The mighty moose gallops through the woods with great easy.
The moose grazes in the fields as do many of its brethren.
Awwww shit, did you see that moose bust a windmill?
by Moose September 24, 2003
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Verb. A concatenation of "mod aboose", "to moose" is to abuse your power as a discord moderator.
An example of moose would be if a mod server mutes you for no reason.
by eriicali May 24, 2021
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The best game ever. You hit someone on the arm, while screaming "MOOOOOSE" really loud. For best results, continue screaming until they either:
a)Get scared and run away
b)Smack you
c)Stare mildly at you

Either way, it's most definitely the best game ever. If you've never played it, you suck. You suck anyway. You disguist me. GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!
*smack* MOOSE
What the fuck?
*smack* MOOSE
*Run away*
by MooseOfDoom May 11, 2005
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one who has a huge dick
Kyle and Chris both have a moose.
by Squeaks from CBA January 3, 2011
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A word used to describe anything, everything and nothing. Can be used as an insult, complement or a feeling you can't describe.
Person: That girl is so rude she's such a moose
by BibliophileDrarry April 20, 2018
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Two friends sometimes meet up to moose and watch a movie.
Dude you're too uptight you need to moose!
by Bee Futon September 1, 2020
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