the madest of mads. angry as hell. ridiculously pissed.
" I'm so rip shit right now"
by Lucy Fitzgerald Bullock October 13, 2006
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rip shit or to let gas slip between butt cheeks
aww man,rip shit! yeah i know you did, it reaks.
by jerry james June 4, 2007
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Major mad, totally just pissed off
Holy crap, her ex got her so rip-shit she nearly beat him to a pulp.
by ThunderWlf July 11, 2008
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Adjective. Describing ones physical state of inebriation.
Rob was so rip shitting stoned, he got out his dick and showed it to the dishwasher. (Wife)
by John VanDyke August 1, 2006
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When you get so drunk you can't stand straight or think clearly although you think you're perfectly capable of doing things like riding your bike home.
I went out with my bros last night and got rip-shit.
by ogooglebar September 6, 2017
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the act of smoking marijuana out of a bong, preferably glass. can also be referred to as "rippin shits, rippin' shits".
Person 1: Yo, we ripping shits today?

Person 2: Fuck yeah.
by RIPSHITS4LIFE January 30, 2010
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