When a woman's undies get trapped on one side of the folds of her quiddy-quaddy.
I'm never wearing these underwear again. They give me a frontal wedgie.
by artysyfartsygyrl April 18, 2006
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when the front of your undies are pulled over your head. Hard for this to happen but it does.
I am in 9th grade and my older bro came home. he took me to school and he saw some of his old friends. him and his friends gathered around me and started to give me wedgies. they then stuffed me back into the car and took me home. my mom wasn't home so they called in to say that i was sick. at home they gave me a hanging wedgie, a propeller wedgie, a jock lock wedgie, a shoulder wedgie, a melvin, a mervin, a normal, an atomic, and to top it off they gave me a frontal atomic wedgie!!! damn that hurt and then they started to kick me in the balls! did i mention that my bro is 23 and his friends are 18 and 19. That was the worst time especially the frontal atomic wedgie
by hoaid;falkdsjfpoaeij March 27, 2007
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