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The proper given name for the redesigned PlayStation 2. This new model is much smaller than the PS2, and even has a network adapter built in (saving you $40 at retail). It uses a flip-top lid instead of the old one, which is a tray that slides out.

To help reduce size of the new PStwo, it will not support the HDD, but it's still pretty damn small. But you like going to PS2 lan parties, you'd want this.
You still carrying that big hunk of crap? Sell that and get a PStwo.
by Gearbox January 22, 2005
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They recently invaded America with their J-Pop music. The band "Puffy" was formed by Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura and made a hit single in 1996 called "Asia No Junshin". They have achieved superstar status in Japan, occasionally appearing in magazines and television, and have even successfully sold its own line of clothing, shoes, and toys.

Their band name was changed to "Puffy AmiYumi" in America to avoid confusion with Sean "Puffy/Puff Daddy/P.Diddy" Combs.

Puffy AmiYumi's music has somehow combined traditional rock instrumentals, Japan pop sensibilities, and their vocals into a style of their own.

They also have their own animated show on Cartoon Network (Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi) in which Ami, Yumi, and Kaz go through a series of misadventures. Hilarity ensues. Their music (and even themselves) will be seen and heard in every episode.
Puffy AmiYumi is taking over THE WORLD... but... can't... resist... the music...
by Gearbox January 13, 2005
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Creators of the Grand Theft Auto series, they have a reputation of making games with intense violence, strong language, sexual content, use of drugs, and even getting them banned in certain countries.

One thing does remain sure: Their games deliver.
Rockstar Games makes violent games like no other.
by Gearbox January 26, 2005
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A regular person used to fill up space (usually) in award shows so it looks like it's packed full with people. Whenever somebody gets up to accept an award, a 'seat filler' is ordered to sit in that seat. They're may also be used to seperate celebrities from others, as award shows have a very strict seating chart to avoid any problems.
Guy: Alright, Maroon 5 is getting up to accept their 'award', you guys will take their seats.
by Gearbox March 29, 2005
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A 700-page (hardcover) book by Tom Clancy, ex-SEAL John Clark forms a super secret multi-national anti-terrorism group, codenamed " Rainbow". Since Clark is the commander, he is known as "Rainbow Six".

It was then Red Storm Entertainment decided to turn Tom Clancy's story into a video game, and has become a huge success.
Gamer: Dude, wanna play a game of Rainbow Six 3 on XBox?
Reader: Nah, the book's way better.
by Gearbox January 25, 2005
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A watch brand by Casio, designed to be a tough, resistant watch.

Certain Some features of the watches might be: Low power indicator, digital/analog, water resistance up to 200 meters, alarm, stopwatch, tough solar/10 year battery, databank pages, atomic clock, world time, and/or a countdown timer, but not without a price; G-Shock watches start at $51 retail.

All of these are recommended for a Male gender (as rated by Casio), so if you're girl, consider Baby-G.
With over 50 kinds of watches, you can't go wrong with a G-Shock.
by Gearbox January 13, 2005
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The Japanese name of the Nintendo Entertainment system (NES). It might also be known as the "Nintendo Family Computer". It's an 8-bit console that played cartridge-style games. You can easily tell the difference from the US and JP version by its cosmetics; US had gray/black, JP had red/white/gold.
Wow, you're playing the NES? In 2005? You're totally old-school.
by Gearbox January 14, 2005
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